European Champions

Sport 1993 Dos Dosbox Audiogenic Soccer Tournaments

Lots of gameplay and controls options; decent game

European Champions is a straightforward action soccer game, whose greatest asset is the fact that it has a whole load of visual and controls options that it can put at your disposal from the getgo. If you like seeking the games from top down, directly, no isometry, you can do that, and you have better control over the ball without no issues in regard to judging angles wrongly or anything of that sort. If, however you like an isometric view, as it shows more of the field, you can toggle that option on, and it will work like a charm. Then, in terms of player controls, you can cherry pick the ones that are the best for you; you have three passing options. Basically, at the controls level, and if you choose the over the head camera, the level of control over the field is absolutely astonishing. Also, you get 10 different difficulty levels, plus you get to select any team out of the 32 included and you will be able to play in championships that are the top ones in Europe. Thus, European Champions is an exquisite production, and you'll really like it a lot. A good alternative option is Manchester United Europe, which is kind of similar in terms of playability options.

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