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An old school classic chess game

It is one of the very first board games that feature chess and also tagged with a very well designed gaming engine that provides the game with a lot of gameplay options. The 2D isometric views in the game are its first prominent feature and you can view the board from both the top down view and can also rotate the board at different Angeles. What is most admirable in this game is the playability which really excites chess fans as the game is very easy to play with the keyboard. It can also be played from a 3D perspective which adds that more depth to the gameplay. The clock in the game can also be turned off or on and it also features a very good examination mode and an analysis mode. The computer is very competitive and you can also learn the technique by watching it play. You have variety of 16 different levels in the games and all these levels have their unique color combination. However all the levels are very challenging and it will really take you time to advance on to the higher levels. The UI is also well designed for an easy play and the graphics are smooth and clear for its time. The game is better than the Chinese Chess Master which is liked by many gamers.

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