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Retro Yahtzee version, pretty well executed

MicroLink Yaht is a totally playable, well executed version of the classic craps game Yahtzee, the poker of the dice throwers! The idea behind the game is that you receive 5 dice; you put your wager, and you roll them. You can then go on and elect to keep all of them or discard up to three of them. You want to keep dice that are of the same value, pairs, threes and twos, pairs or 4 of a kind. If you feel confident in your hand you can increase your wager, and the opponent can choose to up the ante or just go with your wager. The winner of each round is the one that has the higher value dice as well as the combination of dice of higher value; these combinations mirror the ones in Poker, with three of a kind better than pairs, and so on, with a full house, poker and so on. Now, Yaht is not the most sophisticated graphically; quite on the contrary, it's a DOS game all the way, with the EGA graphics keeping the colors in the saturated realm, and with the ASCII character set used for the rest of the graphics. But, it plays well, and the game was so up to date at the time of the release that it even had multiplayer as an option, via the PC XT protocol! So, definitely worth looking into if you were looking for a Yahtzee sim good enough to be worth playing.

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