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Roll 'em

There have been many versions of the classic dice game Yahtzee over the years, but this old-school one is perhaps a bit too simple for its own good. The game is basically one big round of dice rolling, with up to four players (human or computer controlled) going against each other to get the best hands. You get five dice and must roll them, with the aim of getting the best possible score. There are several different scoring combinations to go for but it's a bit more than just rolling for blind luck, with a distinct strategy to how you manage your dice, making it more akin to more complex card games like Bridge or Poker. The interface here is about as simple as they come, and which makes picking up the game an absolute breeze, if if you've never played the game before. Likewise, even though there are no real instructions here, it's actually pretty straightforward to pick up the rules and the scoring combinations, so it won't be long before you're rolling like a champion. Yahtzee really isn't one of those games which desperately needs a computer version, as it's pretty easy to play in real life. The only real advantage of it is that you can play against the computer, so if you really don't have any friend, then you can have hours of fun by yourself. The computer does put up a good challenge, and which makes the game at least partially worth playing if you like trying to beat imaginary opponents. It's obviously much better if you can play with friends, but even then, the appeal runs out quickly, so don't worry if this one passes you by.

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