Shard of Spring

Adventure 1986 Dos Dosbox SSI Myth and legend Medieval Fantasy

Best described as oldschool conventional; alright RPG

The Shard of Spring is part of a two games series, the first being Demon's Winter and the second being this one, Shard of Spring. What the game is, is a pretty usual RPG, in the vein of the old mid 80s spirit, where most of the game is a crawl through the top down black space, occasionally sprinkled with enemies and with the constant reminder of the game's interface, plastered on the right of the screen. This is where most of the action is actually, and by action I mean reading the stats of your enemies, choosing which weapon to equip and then choosing your turn based steps carefully, so as to have an edge over your enemy. Your main goal is that of finding the nefarious wizard, demon-god Malifon, who needs to be killed, but there will be a lot of growing and stat increasing in between, as this is quite a chunky game. Not too versatile or full of surprises, but for those that rocked their early Apple PCs with games, this here will be a perfect trip in time, not the most easy to play but still, these oldies have something that is worth looking into.

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