Rings of Zilfin

Adventure 1986 Dos Dosbox SSI Third Person

Beautiful and otherworldly adventure RPG mix

I was taken aback by some of this game's scenery, simplistic as it is, made out of lines and never more original or creative than its set of boxes. Therefore, what Rings of Zilfin was, as a genre, a role player, top down with a penchant for storytelling and crude cutscenes, today it is mostly interesting as an exploration in the beauty of minimalist graphics and the otherworldliness of this presentation. It is, however, not out of the blue that this game still manages to present an interesting combination of elements, not at all, it was created by none other than Magic Candle creators team from the studio that would become Mindcraft, people that had a genuine love for RPG, for story driven games and for a stylish, even if minimalist graphical style. As such, as a precursor to Magic Candle, playing this game even if for the sake of what was to come is a great job. At times there is more to be learned and enjoyed from a flawed, rather draft quality piece of work than from anything else, so, without a question it is worth looking into. Download and play it, it's a rare game.

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