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An example of a fantastic RPG

Ah, old school RPG's. What can be better. While every person knows about the 1985 classic Final Fantasy, it should be noted that there are a lot of other great old games from the genre and Phantasie, while not better, is certainly just as good and fun. This fantasy RPG is only the first in a long series and it covers the story of six heroes that roam the realm in pursuit of vanquishing the evil Dark Knights and their leader, the powerful sorcerer Nikademus. The game has all the standard RPG elements - classes and races that even transcend the usual categorization so if you choose to randomize your classification, you might end up with a lizardman or a minotaur. Wouldn't that be fun? Each of the characters have their unique abilities and combat strategies for battle that is turn-based (also like in the FF series). The game sports many details that were never used before, such as a bank depositing system for storing the loot as well as a huge variety of monsters and spells to choose from. This game really takes us back in time and makes us remember that we don't need no flashy graphics or awesome animation to enjoy a game - great gameplay and a fun story is more than enough for us to have a splendid time. If you choose to get the game for yourself and play it, there will be some fun times indeed.

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