Demons Winter

RPG 1988 Dos Dosbox SSI Top down Fantasy

Basic stickmen RPG not bad but rather hard to sink into

Demons Winter is a very basic RPG, of the kind that Ultima 0, Akalabeth managed to get away with, but a few years before this one came out. Thus, even though the mathematics and simulation behind it are ok, the graphical presentation will really be troubling, to an extent that makes it hard to recommend it. So, here is the deal: if you can stomach a black screen with a few lines that want to recreate a space, with battles that are conducted spreadsheet style, then ok, this game will be ok for you, maybe even fun. If, on the other hand, you demand at least a few more graphical elements be present, you are in for a troublesome experience, one that takes more to sink with you and one that will require you let go of a lot. Other than that, it is all mostly a dungeon crawl, waiting to encounter characters, waiting to encounter enemies and better your stats and equipment. There are few moments when you will feel like you have made progress, and at times the game will feel as if it does not want to be liked, as it is very sparse with rewards. So, all things considered, this is your harder to sink into RPG, with minimalist graphics, only for the more graphically unpretentious amongst role players.

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