Les Manley in Search for The King

Adventure 1990 Dos Dosbox Accolade Humorous Graphical IF Oriental Thriller Mature Content

Sierras milder take on Leisure Suit Larry type!

There sure are some sleaze balls lurking in this game, and to be fair, some of the characters depicted here are greasier than a hot frying pan on a hot Tuesday, but by comparison, the graphical presentation as well as the gameplay is miles away from the exploits of a particularly crusty Larry character! At any rate, you will control a private investigator called Les Manley (The man, in French, my dear!) and you will be tasked with a number of investigative jobs by the time the game decides to cap it. Interaction wise you are looking at a rather unfriendly text based parser type game, which adds unnecessary difficulty to the game, as most of the time you'll have to write exact phrases, without too many options of language choice. Hmm, I mean, a much older game, and one released for the ZX Spectrum, The Hobbit could handle more intricate turns of phrases and that one was definitely not privy to the developments that this 90s game was afforded. But, well, what can you do, if you want to go into it you have to put up with it. Otherwise, graphically this is a really pleasant game, and while most characters are rather soulless and not that interesting, the ladies, on the other hand are surely much more toiled upon, plus unnaturally bestowed with big charms! So, yeah, maybe not a gem, but surely a game worth at least a look. Play it for the plot ;)

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