Shortline Railroad

Simulation 1992 Dos DOKA Building Trains

Raillroad manager that is simple and concise

Shortline Railroad does not want to take the cake from monsters such as Railroad Tycoon or other such colossal titles. Instead it simply wants to offer you an experience that is well polished, within its limited set of options. You will guide trains, build tracks, manage schedules and other activities, but the game feels more like a puzzle than a real, intense strategy product. It is therefore a question of what you want to do with this game, or rather, what your demands are. If you want the best, most intense railroad game, this sure will not be it. If you want an experience that is not challenging or hard to tackle, this however might be it. Graphically, the game offers you a good enough balance of realism, rather a cartoony one, plus an inner game that is none too difficult but not entirely non challenging either. So, make a calculated choice. For real railroad tycoon type fans this will not quench the thirst, but for someone who wants a more sketchy version of the gameplay style, Shortline Railroad will do the trick.

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