Sid Meier's Civil War Collection

Strategy 2000 Windows Electronic Arts Historical

Something every fan should have

Sid Meier, the father of the mega famous Civilization strategy game, now treats us with the Civil War collection, a fantastic trio of Sid Meier's Gettysburg! and Sid Meier's Antietam!, along with an extra eight map campaign called South Mountain, and those three games will surely keep you occupied for months, if not years on end. As with Civilization, the games do a fantastic job in bringing us the perfect strategy game where everything is thought of and there is absolutely no fault - the impeccable gameplay, the great real time action, the absolutely phenomenal graphics followed by great music to add to the atmosphere - this collection is a masterpiece. You can set the game's difficulty and, aside from the standard AI settings, you can also set a alternate historical paths, such as what would happen if a certain event in history didn't occur at all. The game gives you a great feeling of reality and excitement when playing. If you're a fan of Sid Meier's work and love historical battle strategies, this is something that you absolutely should have in your collection.

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