Golden Eagle

Action 1991 Dos Dosbox Loriciels Platformer Puzzle based

Prince of Persia like, but more fluid

I never really got why people were so into Prince of Persia, the original 2D sidescroller, but then again, I always tended to be a bit too harsh towards it. The two aggravating things about it, things that bugged me when playing Another World as well, was the really tight, very mechanical way in which the characters moved, as if in an adventure game, though you'd expect them to be more left to right, more Mario Bros like in controls. Anyway, that's all for my rant, at least, Golden Eagle, even if it uses a very similar overall premise and mechanic manages to be much more out there in the way it produces the results, it's an adventure delivered sidescrolling style without sacrificing the playability of the game through unnatural movement and mechanics, while having a very particular control scheme. Thus, Golden Eagle is like a Prince of Persia done without the clunk and the need for ultra perfect precision during jumps and throughout. That's why I salute it and find an absolute joy to play, liberated from the, in my head, arbitrary issues it had, though in truth, these issues were due to it being such an early game and yet such a novel experience

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