Simulman - 07 - Il grande freddo

Action 1993 Dos Simulmondo Platformer

7th episode takes the epopee story even further

Simulman – 07 is a strategic puzzler adventure game, telling the story of a forensic investigator, which, in each episode, has to find the answer to a certain mystery; it's a great game, with loads of puzzles, a likeable play boy main character and with loads of police work, scene of the crime investigation and so on. It is also a game that put a lot of gist on graphics and on fast gameplay; it offers you the ability to sink into the story, and given that all the episodes are centered on the same character, you will grow attached to its trials and tribulations, even if the stories, each time, are different, episodic. Sure, Police Quest is more realistic, as in, more in tune with the real life interactions of a police officer/ scene of the crime investigation, but overall, Simulman – 07 does just as great a job as this other game. So have it in your collection; it won't disappoint, of that you can certainly be certain. And, graphically, even if not extraordinary, it sure is fine enough not to feel cumbersome.

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