Pitfall Mayan Adventure

Action 1994 Windows Activision Cartoon Platformer

Perfect Saturday afternoon platforming fun

This sequel to Pitfall, one of the earliest platformers from the days of the Atari 2600, is a fun-filled romp in the vein of Indiana Jones that mixes lovely graphics and inventive action to create a thoroughly entertaining adventure. After Pitfall Harry, the original game's hero, is kidnapped under mysterious circumstances, his son is required to step in and rescue his dear old dad, which involves a lot of running, swinging and whip-cracking through some nicely realised jungle environments. Harry Jr. has learned a lot since his father was out exploring, and his skillset is greatly expanded from the first game, with climbing, ducking and a range of throwing weapons added to the inventory. While the story isn't anything to write home about, Mayan Adventure is actually a worthy follow-up to one of the genre's pioneers. It builds on the foundations laid down by its predecessor to create a new experience that is sufficiently different to avoid being called a mere re-hash. Gameplay is challenging and levels require enough exploration to keep you interested, with numerous inventive obstacles to keep you on your toes. Graphics too are attractive, with lushly detailed locations and a great variety of enemies. A nice bonus is the inclusion of the first game and overall this is one sequel which doesn't disgrace the memory of the original.

A fabulous adventure

Roll up your sleeves and get ready for some fantastic adventure time! A fun mix of Indiana Jones and Tarzan, this platform adventure game is a sequel of the original Pitfall game and is light years better than its predecessor. This game is one of those I used to play for countless hours as a child, and I still turn it on from time to time. With enhanced 3D graphics, fantastic animation, very nice soundtracks and sound effects, this game is guaranteed to bring you and your kids mountains of enjoyment and fun. Armed with only a slingshot, you have to kill enemies, jump over pitfalls and other traps and obstacles, climb trees, dangle on ropes, swing on vines, and much more to survive the cruel jungle and kill the final boss. Believe me when I tell you that this game will captivate you at once and keep you hooked for hours. This beautiful and entertaining game is definitely worth your time, and it's also a very nice game for preteens, since it is not violent, yet very fun and challenging. 5 stars all the way for this gem!

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