Super Ski

Sport 1988 Dos Microids Winter sports

Solid skiing action

This is one of the few additions to a fairly narrow genre that includes the likes of Ski or Die and Ski Free but despite the lack of competition, it is actually a pretty decent little sim that is worth checking out for those craving some winter action. Super Ski differs from some of the more basic entries in the skiing market, in that it is viewed from 3D perspective, with the camera positioned by the player to enhance the feeling of authenticity and which makes for a more exciting take on the sport. There are four main modes on display here for players to enjoy, these being slalom, giant slalom, downhill and ski jump, all of which can be practised first before moving on to the real competition. The modes follow the real-world sport closely, with players being penalised for hitting gates, going off course, and running into trees or the spectators and earning points for faster times, passing gates and hitting longer distances. Adding to the game's competitive nature is the multi-player mode, with up to five players able to participate, one after the other, with scores compared and the winner announced after everyone has raced. Even when considering the lack of competition on the market, Super Ski is a decent enough old-school simulator. There isn't a great deal of variety between the events but they are fun in short bursts, especially when played with friends. The graphics are solid if unspectacular but really there isn't much you can do when the whole sport revolves around snow, so if you are looking for a skiing game, then check this out. Downhill Challenge is also worth a look for dedicated fans.

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