Winter Olympics: Lillehammer '94

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Mediocre Winter Olympics game

Winter Olympics is the official video game of the XVII Olympic Winter Games that were held in Lillehammer, Norway in 1994. It features 10 disciplines fro you to try out and you can represent any nation from the world. You can train freely and compete in both full or mini Olympics and during competition, there are both medals and points tables. The game has a few setbacks. First, the gameplay in different disciplines isn't all that different, so if, in example you've played the regular slalom, the giant slalom isn't all that different. But okay, that can be overcomed. The main turnoff for me is that, before you go and compete, training is madatory. Every. Single. Time. It's okay if you're training because you're getting used to the game, but if you're already a veteran, you want to compete, not to train! That can be kind of freustrating. The gameplay is much easier than in othere Winter Olympics game (like Winter) and you can play the game without a million buttons smashing. The visuals are also pretty decent and one can feel motivated to play the game again, just to get better time (but then comes the training again). The sounds is also nothing special. All in all, Winter Olympics is a fair olympics game with a few setbacks, but it's a small game and there is nothing special to be expected from it. It's good if you play it, equally good if you don't.

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