Winter Olympiad 88

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Winter Olympics simulation

As the same name of the game suggests, Winter Olympiad 88 is based on the 1988 edition of Winter Olympic games, so expect to play all kind of sports typical of that kind of competition. The first thing you need to do is to select a nation for which you will be playing for. There a lot of sports that you will play in this game and this includes two-man bobsled and skating. Starting with the graphics, they are not the best but are still detailed enough to let you enjoy the gameplay. The animations to support the action in the game is also good and it enables you to really feel the fun when you play different sports. The character modelling and the uniforms are also well designed. Now coming to the A1, it is very dynamic and keeps on changing the scenarios of the gameplay and the games get tough and tough. Despite the toughness, still you have all the chances to win matches and get medals. The controls also work fine and you can play the games both with the keyboard and the joystick. What is best about this game is the fact that every sports in this Olympics game has been incorporated with a lot of details and the music and the backgrounds are also catchy. Winter Games is another game which has the same theme and provides the same amount of fun.

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