Winter Supersports 92

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Winter sports in a great arcade presentation

Winter Supersports 92 is a great, well produced winter sports game, that allows you to compete in all sorts of competitions and in all sorts of different disciplines. What you get out of this one is a great selection of slalom, and other winter sports. You can play in two modes, a competition and a challenge mode, and each one has to be under the banner of a nation you can choose yourself. It doesn't matter whom you choose to represent gameplay wise, but it helps because, if you play with real people, you have up to 6 different flags to differentiate all of you. As I said, the game contains a slalom completion, but also a ski one, a bobsled competition, luge, as well as speed skating. All of these minigames are programmed as arcade challenges, and, for the most part, what you will be looking to do is respect the timing of the controls and, in slalom and bob, make sure you follow the right track. So, overall, for a winter sports, I'd say it's done well enough, so play it. And additionally, download The Games: Winter Challenge too, similarly produced, and just as fun.

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