Skunny - Back to the Forest

Action 1993 Dos Copysoft Platformer

Stay out of the forest!

If unoriginal games appeal to you, then Skunny will be right up your alley. A side-scrolling platformer in the vein of Mario and Sonic, this is one of seven games to feature the character of Skunny the Squirrel, and while it does have a few interesting touches, there isn't a lot to recommend here. The plot is the usual nonsense about an evil King (in this case, King Toad), who has kidnapped Skunny's friends and who must now be rescued. What follows is a bland and unexciting adventure through a series of unimaginatively designed levels featuring an equally unimaginative set of enemies. Every now and then, a slightly inventive gameplay mechanic raises its head to show that the game wasn't created entirely on autopilot, but these are few and far between and for the most part, the game carries on a cliched fashion. On the plus side, the controls are highly responsive, making precision jumps easy enough, but visually the game fails to impress, with its restricted colour scheme and simple animation. Moreover, Skunny is charmless and bland, coming across merely as a pale imitation of more memorable heroes and it is hard to believe that such a main character could go on to star in seven games. Skunny isn't terrible by any means, and die-hard platform fans or undiscerning casual gamers may kill a few hours with the game, but really there are better platformers out there.

Back to the forest

You play as Skunny, a female squirel, who tries to rescue her friends from some evil King Toad. Now this is not very original honestly. The controls are okay, but these belong to a mediocre platforming game. You move left or right, jump... and basically that's it. Killing enemies here is just like in Super Mario Bros game: you stomp on them. The level design is not very impressive. The graphics are beautiful for DOS standards, but the sound is loud and the music is too repetitive and is played in every single level!

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