Nicky Boom

Action 1992 Dos Dosbox DotEmu Cartoon Platformer

Sorceress Zoldrane needs to be stopped!

Nicky Boom is a platformer, really classic in structure and build, in which you have to find and stop Zoldrane, an evil sorceress who kidnapped and sent the player's grandfather into a faraway space! Thus, you need to gather yourself and go on a sidescrolling left to right mission, and have him rescued. On tehway lots of enemies, lots of platforming and lots of action await. Thus, Nicky Boom is a classic, yet very well produced game, really satisfying to play. Also, here and there, with a few nicely placed tiles and with interesting designs, you also will feel like you are solving puzzles which, while not the central part of the game, is still pretty much part of the journey. It is true that the game is built in such a fashion that it never really feels like it is very hard, but there are portions where you need to be careful. And, with good graphics, that feel very retro 8bit like, you will find the game to be very satisfying to play. A good alternative is Xargon, older yet similar, and with that shareware construction that is just top notch.

Famous platformer for DOS

In the game, you control Nicky, a young boy who travels on a fantastical world to free his grandfather from an evil witch. The gameplay is simple, yet so good. Your main attack is throwing apple cores, but later you can also throw a blue ball that can bounce off walls, a piece wood, which you can use to build a bridge in certain locations, and so on. You can pick up other useful items, like keys to unlock doors, bombs to break down secret walls and liberate ladders from bubbles and explosive spiked balls to take down destroyable platforms that hold some items. Along the way, you can find teleporters that can take you to unreachable areas where you're treated with either a weapon upgrade or a useful item. plus some bonus items, such as gems and candy. You can even find potions that restore your health. Speaking of health, the only problem I've found in this game is that if you run into an enemy, your life may be drained very fast if you're not paying attention. The graphics are colorful and cartoonish and the music is quite good.

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