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A great classic whodunnit style game!

Sleuth is a great murder-mystery detective game by Norland Software, written in 1984. Each time you start, a new, random murder is committed, and you arrive at the scene to investigate. Unlike games of the time, for example, Suspect, there is a graphics element to this game. You move around in the house using the arrow keys, and interaction is accomplished using commands like EXAMINE, QUESTION, GET and ACCUSE. By investigating the rooms and questioning guests of their alibis, you can figure out who murdered the victim, where in the house, and with what weapon. But be careful! You only have so long until the murderer feels threatened by your presence and disposes of you. Possibly the best part of this game is that you can personalize it, and add custom names into the story. On its own, this would be a game that one may play only until they solved one or two murders in each mansion, but this added entertainment really increases its replay-ablilty. Players could sit down with their friends and personalize it to their own names, adding extra fun at parties or gatherings. The game also features some hidden 'easter egg' features, including some humourous room specific commands that are not documented. Between the random mysteries, personalization element, and easter eggs, Sleuth is a solid, challenging yet rewarding, and overall a very entertaining game.

A true crime solver

Sleuth is a fantastic and ingenious crime solving game (like Jack The Ripper) that is very simple in design and programming, yet original and challenging. At the moment you open the game, a murder has been committed. You are presented with a house full of people. Your job is to inspect the house and its contents, interrogate all the guests, find evidence and present the culprit, all before the true murderer becomes suspicious about your doings. The game is a lot harder than it seems. You have to be very careful and think every detail you see or hear, because you won't be able to talk to people more than once or twice before you become obvious. The game is simple in gameplay and graphics, it is mostly text based, since it is a very old game, yet very intriguing and challenging. Sherlock Holmes or Hercule Poirot fans will just love the way you present the criminal in front of the whole crowd, just like in the books. Great, absolutely fantastic work!

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