Mean Streets

Adventure 1989 Dos Dosbox Access Software Third Person Mystery Action

Average gameplay good action

It is a third person adventure game which involves both action and role play elements. The plot is that your father has been working on some secret classified mission with some company. One day he kills himself and leaves behind a suicide note. The suicide note and an eye witness has made the police believe that it was a suicide and they have closed the case. You are really shocked by the incident and you do not believe that your father could have killed himself. Therefore to solve the mystery and to find the real truth, you set to the streets investigating the whole matter. Now the game involves both action and puzzles coupled with adventure. The shoot em up action sequences are very well designed and are really thrilling. The graphics in the game are 3D and are really attractive and top notch. The level designs in the game are really creative but the game lacks diversity in missions and weapons. The puzzles are however competitive and the A1 is also really tough. Nothing much to talk about the user interface because it is very ordinary and is not well designed. The game is overall exciting and a good one to have. To go with it, you can also try Countdown.

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