Murder by the Dozen

Adventure 1983 Dos BrainBank Mystery First person

12 murder cases into one; board game execution

In Murder by the Dozen you and up to other seven of your friends will be tasked with solving any (or all!) of the 12 murder mysteries that are included. The game, while delivered mainly in text with a few additional graphical static screens, is built on the very same ideas that many a game of mystery solving was built on for the board games. And, thus, Murder by the Dozen is a nice collection of such games, with very interesting individual scenarios. What you will do is take turns and search for clues, you will take notes, and then compare it all and try to solve the case. In case you will play by yourself then you will just be playing against yourself, but if you play with others, you play competitively, to see which one solves the mystery at hand first. As a nice touch, the game includes a laboratory suite, where you send samples and clues to get back a report about the, and then you have an investigation at the scene of the crime, where you have to search for any potential murder clues. In any case, Murder by the Dozen is a great game to play with friends, and in spite of its very static and serious presentation it can still be fun to play. At any rate, make sure you also download the Solutions PDF, as the game itself won't tell you if you've correctly found a murderer or not. Only this booklet contains all the answers. Similarly, download Felony too, if this kind of game is something you find to your liking.

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