Complete Chess System

Strategy 1993 Dos Dosbox Oxford Softworks Board games

Great chess AI, spartan interface, lots of historical matches

Complete Chess System is a feature full chess game that excels at demonstrating good higher levels tactics, the kind that showcase a deeper understanding of the mid and end game tactics. It might be because the game also packs quite a large collection of chess historical games, which, maybe, it uses to harden the AI. However, while that might not be the case, the game also has quite a few commented historical matches, that can be used at your own leisure, for entertainment or to advance your know how of the game and of some more advanced tactics. Graphically, this Oxford Softworks product is the kind of beast that I like: no fluff, clean tables, very useful tips if you want to use the hint system, but never a game that wants to impress you with too diverse colors or sets of pieces. It looks like, what I would imagine, chess on a Win 98 should look like! A gray interface, a non invasive non saturated choice of colors for the pieces and 2D tables, over which a great AI, whose prowess level can be adjusted to fit your own, makes the game an intellectual exercise! If, however, you're a fan of wacky sets and colorful interfaces, try Battle Chess 2, where color and animation is the name of the game!

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