X-COM: Terror from the Deep

Strategy 1995 Dos Dosbox MicroProse Organized forces Real time Science Fiction Turn based Sci fi

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When the alien enemy comes from the ocean!

X-COM: Terror from the Deep continues the alien invasion saga, but, by this time, the invaders, have but conquered the bottom of the ocean, from where they plan to attack and give us hell! However, the human race is not without its saviors; the humans, represented by your squad have organized, and, basically there are two main game modes; one is a strategic mode, that allows you to research, build and upgrade your base; you can even research the alien technology and have it used by the human race. The other portion is based on fighting, squad based, heavy in cover and with a good choice of weapons and strategies. The attacks are signaled on the Globe interface, and they are randomized; thus, you can end up with a lot of enemies going at you, which, in the beginning is not that nice! All in all, graphically, X-COM: Terror from the Deep looks similar to X-COM: Apocalypse, yet with less graphical detail. But it sure is highly playable still,a nd offers a plethora of fun missions, all within a well put together scenario.

Another alien war - this time underwater

This is the second game in this great series of sci-fi strategy games and its prequel is X-Com: UFO Defense. This game is set decades after the first Alien War is one and this time the world is menaced by a new alien species, this time from the depths of the oceans - this games seems to be the first strategy game set in the underwater... The game is part real time, and part turn-based. The first part is real time, where you build buildings, form troops and acquire weapons needed to combat the aliens, which is done in the second, turn-based part of the game. Apart from being underwater, there is not much change since the last game, which is actually good, since the first game was a masterpiece. Why change, then? The game is as captivating and addictive as before, fun and challenging, and you are guaranteed hours of gameplay filled with fun. The graphics department is also virtually unchanged since before, and the sound system is as adequate as it was, too. There is no music, just standard sound effects from the game. The game is a great continuation of the classic and fans will not be left disappointed.

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