AllFive 2000

Puzzle 2000 Windows Cards

A Yahtzee version: basically poker with dice

AllFive 2000 is a nice version of Yahtzee, the game of craps that is similar in play style with poker. You get 5 dice, as you would get 5 cards in poker. Depending on the luck of the hand, you are going to get a few dice that have the same numbers on them. Basically, the same arrangements as in Poker are used here too: you can have a pair of dice, you can have a full house, you can have a Poker, three dice of the same value or two pairs of dice. Of course, before you get to play you place a bet, which can be updated after your first roll of the dice. Then you pick the dice you want to keep and then you roll the other ones. The winner is the one with the better hand, or if the formations are the same, the one with the better value of the cards. AllFive 2000 is graphically alright, 2D, played on this, sea/lagoon landscape, which looks pretty great. So, give it a try, or download Port Royale and find this as a minigame in there, just waiting to get you some more money or steal all of your riches!

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