Puzzle 2000 Windows Miroslav Nemecek Cards

Build a tower out of cards

Ants is a card game with a very interesting and simple concept that will make you lose hours of your life. You are an ant and are in some kind of a struggle with another and and you are both building towers out of cards. Now, you have to be the first and to build a tower of 100 stories or demolish the other ant's tower by any means that are provided to you. To build the towers, each turn you have 8 cards in your "hand", which cost a certain amount of resources (which you also have), but as you keep going, you get low on resources and sometimes can't even select the cards you need. There are all kinds of cards, from the offensive to defensive to even spellcasting cards. The game is pretty interesting once you get the hang of it, but may be a bit too easy for a second or third try after you've completed it. The graphics are truly remarkable, very colorful and with high resolution and detail quality, and the interface is pretty simple to understand, making the gameplay a lot easier. I'd suggest the game to all card game lovers, like Mahjong, as well as any puzzle lover. Enjoy!

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