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A good Rummi digitization; very well produced

Rummi is a great game for those that want to play the staple parlor game, Rummibuk, or, simply Rummi, and want a very well produced game. It's got a clean 2D interface, runs windowed or full screen on XP and other later Windows OSes, and is overall pretty neat. It's got that Windows games build, with a help addition, as well as a good tutorial, it also has tool tips if you want to get additional information while you play, and the quality of the graphics, while not outstanding is clean and very good for long sessions. Simple touches, such as the lite green surface where the rummi pieces are stacked works great for the game, because, as you'd imagine, it is easy on one's eyes, and, thus, allows for longer sessions without fatigue. So, overall, Rummi is a great parlor digitization, and whether you're an expert player or a novice looking to learn the rules of the game, with Rummi you'll get both ends of the straw! Similarly, Rummikub, even if released in 92, and with a less expansive addition of elements, is still very playable, if you were looking for a more retro feel to the game.

One of the best puzzle games

It's a classic freeware computer board game which has been among the bestselling board games in the world. This exciting puzzle game is a great combination of games like Mah Jong and Poker which really tests your analytical skills and skills with numbers. You will play the game against A1 or your computer and have different levels of difficulty to deal with. The target set here is for you to become the first to eliminate the tiles that are present in your rack by formulating these tiles into different run sets. The trick is to keep your points low along the way because this will make you lose lesser points in case another player completes the racks before you do. It also involves the use of joker which you find in scrabble. The graphics that it features are smooth and clear and have a good soothing combination of colors. Though the game cannot be played with three or player using the internet, but the opponent computer they have formulated is quite competitive to beat. Overall it's a thumb up for this game from many reviewers including myself.

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