Classic Jumpman

Arcade 1999 Windows Dosbox Ingenieurbüro FRANKE Platformer Epic Puzzle based

Hard but fun one screen platformer

Classic Jumpman is a relatively hard sidescrolelr action/adventure/puzzler. It's a perfect arcade game for those that love Donkey Kong like challenges. And, so, in order to get ready for Classic Jumpman a good idea is to look into some other arcade games of the same build. Because in Classic Jumpman you will have to time your jumps and your ladder escalation in perfect sequences, at least on the later difficulty levels. Graphically, Classic Jumpman, is still tributary to the oldschool arcade jewels of yore, even if it came to be released in 99, as a remake of the original Jumpman. Still, it's highly addictive, if you like one screen arcaders, with that beautiful and engaging build, where you have to perfectly align yourself for jumps and mind your timing to perfection. So, have it in your collection of arcade run and jumps, along with some remake of Kong. These two will offer you hours of fun and also offer you a highly difficult challenge, at least in the later levels, that will really test your skills to the limit!

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