Sorcerer's Bane

RPG 1991 Dos Fantasy

A-dungeon crawling we go

Unoriginal it may be but for anyone in the mood for some old-school dungeon crawling, akin to Super ZZT or Rogue, this makes for entertaining if simple-minded stuff. If you haven't ever played such a game this also makes for the perfect introduction to the genre as it is pretty accessible but without being overly challenging as is so often the way in this kind of thing. As usual, this one is a fantasy affair, which sees the player venturing into a deep dark dungeon in search of the mystical Staff of Power. Unfortunately, it's being guarded by four beefy dragons as well as an evil wizard but before you even get that far, there are of course plenty of other beasties to slay and traps to pit your wits against. It all plays out in typical overhead fashion, with the player wandering about, searching for items and engaging in combat. There are plenty of weapons and such like to discover but it is slightly disappointing to find out that most of the are actually pretty similar to one another. Slightly disappointing is a phrase which could equally be used in reference to the game itself. There is nothing really wrong with it and it offers plenty of dungeon crawling and monster slaying to enjoy. The controls are decent enough and obviously the visuals aren't up to much but they never are in this sort of thing. However, one can't help wishing that something a little extra had been added to the game to mark it out from the myriad other such games on the market. As such, it's pleasant enough but nothing spectacular, especially if you have ever played the far superior roguelike NetHack.

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