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Sidescroller adventure with sorcerers!

This sidescroller platformer game shares many of its staples with arcade sidescrollers. But the most self evident is the difficulty level, which ramps up quite rapidly. Also, adding to the difficulty is the manner in which the challenges are presented. While most games would offer you more time to explore, and more space to understand where the enemies will be coming from next, in this one, instead, the enemies don't give you much time to learn where they will be coming from and what to expect from them. This rapid fire buildup of the game however is also what makes it interesting, as you'll definitely die a lot. Graphically it's a very good blend of very minimalist sprites and backgrounds, but even in spite of their lack of detail they manage to create a good looking, very satisfying arcade retro look. So, I ultimately recommend it. Alternatively, download Barbarian (Mastertronic), because it too has a medieval setting but a more lenient difficulty buildup. Though, I would argue, Sorcery is much more enticing even if it is harder.

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