Frenetic Plus

Arcade 2003 Dos Dosbox Vertical shooter

First rate blasting thrills

This is a slick and enjoyable remake of the earlier freeware shooter, Frenetic, that mixes bullet-hell action with stylish graphics to great effect and which deserves to be played by shooter fans. This one takes a slightly peculiar isometric viewpoint but this helps make it stand out from the crowd and only adds to its appeal. As ever with this sort of thing, there is some semblance of a plot and while the usual 'evil invading aliens' narrative hook is fortunately missing, the whole thing still revolves around a lone hero who finds themselves cut off from the rest of their fleet during a civil war and must navigate their way through endless amounts of enemies in order to return. Of course, no one really plays a shooter for its storyline and there is much greater interest in the action itself, but the story does actually progress nicely and proves surprisingly detailed. Fortunately Frenetic Plus scores very highly in the action department with heaps of flying, blasting and vicious enemies to enjoy. There are some highly impressive weapons to find and which are both satisfying in their use and graphically stunning in their visual effects. An extremely neat feature is the option to craft your own weapons and there is a lot of fun to be had with this element and which encourages replay. There are a few different modes to unlock as well, so when you combine the unusual perspective, intense action, compelling story and super slick visuals, you have all the makings of a classic shooter that builds upon the legacy of games like G-Darius, RayCrisis and The Reap.

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