The Last Bounty Hunter

Action 1994 Dos Dosbox 1C Company Shooter Arcade style

Simple and addictive shooter action

It is a simple but very addictive action shooter game which is played from a third person perspective. The plot of the game is that you are a very good bounty hunter and you have been called upon by the sheriff of a town in the west. The town is run by criminals and you will help the sheriff out in dealing with these criminals. So the catch is simple, kill the criminals with your guns and protect the weak and the innocent. The gameplay is very simple. You will either do the shooting action through a light gun or through the use of a mouse. The shooting dynamics are however good and they allow you accurate and timely shooting of the criminals. There are different criminals in the land and you have to counter the whole gang by going through to their leader. The level deigns in the game are very simple but well detailed and there are some good guns to use for shooting. The game has a video background with which you will do all the interaction and the shooting action. The user interface is good enough and the A1 is more than average in terms of the toughness of the criminals.

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