Return Fire 2

Action 1998 Windows Ripcord Games Shooter Arcade style

A mix of action elements; pretty nifty!

Return Fire 2 is the sequel to Return Fire which was an action game combining some driving with strategy and with some other cool gameplay elements, from the puzzle.]/adventure side. Don't be fooled though, this is an action game, even if you'll get some action from high above and you will control a bunch of units, sort of like in a strategic lite game. But it gels pretty well, and creates a wonderful overall experience. It's the kind of game that you play in short bursts as there isn't a lot of backstory. There are about 30 different missions to burn through, and therefore, you will find Return Fire 2 pretty advanced and well produced. At any rate, Return Fire 2 does a great job at being very enticing, and it never gets boring, played right. The 3D graphics are nothing spectacular, rather on the cheapo side, which can be great at times, but nonetheless, it's ok given the top down perspective. So give it a go, have it in your collection along with its older brother. It's definitely a good upgrade and a smoother game than the first in the series.

Lots of action and fun

Return Fire 2 is a great sequel to the game Return Fire, which is a solid "capture the flag" game (much like Fire Power, another cool game of the same sort). You are stranded on an militaristic island and can use the jeep, the tank or the helicopter to blast your way to the enemy territory and capture the enemy's flag and win the game. Of course, your enemy has the same idea. The result is ultimately a lot of blowing up, shooting, explosions and a lot and lot of huge fun. A great feature is the mutltiplayer option, and there is where the game is at its best, because nothing beats a group of guys having a laugh blowing things up just for kicks. It will take a while to get used to the weird controls, but once you get the hang of them, you won't let go of the game for a long time. The graphics are not something special but do the job just fine. The animation is also pretty standard, with cool explosion effects. Overall, a simple, but fun and addictive action game. Greatly recommended!

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