Crazy Shot

Action 1989 Dos Hitech Productions Shooter Arcade style

All the fun of the fair

There are no prizes for guessing what kind of game Crazy Shot is but you'd be right if you thought it was a shooting gallery-style collection, similar to Westphaser, also from Loriciels. It's not quite a classic of the genre, like Operation Wolf or Cabal, being overly simplistic, but if you're after some undemanding thrills, it's worth a look for a few minutes. The game offers an amusement park-style experience and from the starting menu you have the choice of six different events. They're all pretty similar and generally require you to blast down flying ducks or floating balloons as fast as you can. You've only got a limited supply of bullets and time and the game ends when you've run out of either. Depending on how well you did and how many points you managed to rack up, you receive a prize, with even poor marksmen able to get a computerised keyring for their efforts. Of course, it's not quite the same as at a real amusement park as digital prizes don't have quite the same kind of appeal. That's pretty much it for Crazy Shot so if you don't go in expecting too much, you won't be disappointed. Blasting stuff is always fun and if you are a high score chaser, then there is some amusement to be found here. The visuals are unspectacular, serviceable but with nice use of colours and large sprites, while sound is of a similar quality. The gameplay is satisfying for a while but lacks the guilty thrills of true shooters like Die Hard 2 and Virtua Cop so if you're looking for a meatier experience, then head in the direction of these games first.

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