Action 1986 Dos Synapse Software Corporation Shooter Arcade style

Real old school top down action game

Oh, boy, we often talk about retro games and think that the 8bit era that the NES console made famous looks retro. Wait till you get a taste of this one. The game looks like a combination of Atari 2600 game which has been endowed with just a bit more graphical potency to make more than 2 or 3 graphical elements possible, at the same time on the screen. However, Shamus shows a good simple action game need no more than a few tiles and textures and a few repetitive sprites to be really enticing. In the game you are going to navigate a simple maze with an occasional bifurcation here and there. What you are looking for is question marks, which, once found will lead you to the next level. You can shoot enemies, dodge the occasional bullets, while also having to be thorough in your exploration to uncover keys and the question marks I mentioned above. Therefore, while simple in design and in graphics, this game can be really enticing and fun to play, and the escalating difficulty will pose an increasing level of challenge to your advance, which will lead to a great overall experience.

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