Action 1995 Dos Dosbox Psygnosis Space combat Science Fiction

Good graphics, bad gameplay

It is a space flight combat action game where the theme is futuristic and full of fiction. The plot here is that there are two races in the space, one is living in the light and the other is living on a dark side. The race living on the light side controls the dark and your mission is to take over the controls as being an inhabitant of the darker side. The problem that you have is that your machinery is not so much advanced as theirs. You have a shuttle which is very slow and lacks in the variety of weapons. You have people at your race working to develop some good machinery. The shuttle that you will use in different combats in the game fires unguided missiles which come out many in a row and causes your shuttle to get low in power. It gets hard for the player to keep the shuttle in the air and that is where the game has fallen behind. In terms of the graphics, it has been brilliant as compared to all other game of those times as they have really depicted the space theme perfectly. Star Rangers is my favorite game in this genre but I have also been playing this game a lot.

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