Space Federation - Star Reach

Strategy 1994 Dos Dosbox Interplay Real time Space combat

Action and strategy game set in a 23rd century Earth

The use of federation in the title of the game might make you think that this is some Star Trek spinoff game. Nothing further from the truth though, as Space Federation - Star Reach takes place in space, but it's a space of the future developed from our time line. What happened, story wise is that the Earth had developed fast transportation through the galaxy and, the game finds the inhabitants of Earth trying to negotiate peace with the other 7 breeds of aliens in the universe. However, the treaty is denied, leaving the humans to do battle in order to survive the ensuing war that is consequently started. The game combines live action sequences, space fights with a tactical side and an economical portion as well. Not quite classic 4X, but an interesting blend of elements that still manages to remain focused and doesn't get caught in too many details. You can play by following your own wishes, as the game is quite free in terms of your actions once it starts, but the end game only happens when you control the entire list of alien planets. And this can take a while, as the AI is definitely sharp and capable of different strategies. So, if you like the premise of galactic conquering then this game is definitely going to hook you up. A similar game, though even more detailed economically and strategically is Imperium Galactica, to which Space Federation - Star Reach can be a nice tutorial/learning curve intermediary

Play with a friend

Star Reach could be considered an RTS game, though it was around before anyone even knew what an RTS was. Once you manage to master it, it will become unstoppable. The game has an engaging storyline, if you can read the manual, though the campaign mode leaves some to be desired. I suggest making up your own storyline or playing with a friend to keep interest in the game lasting long.

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