Space Games

Arcade 1986 Dos Dosbox Keypunch Aliens invasion ASCII based

Great sci-fi package

The imagination might have been a little low when it came to naming this little collection of science fiction-themed games, but there's actually a fair bit of retro fun to be found here, so if you're looking for some simple but varied entertainment, then check this one out. As you might expect, this is a collection of space themed games, with four variations on classics on offer here. The first one up is a simple but strangely compelling and surprisingly detailed Star Trek-style adventure which sees you exploring space, seeking out new life forms and blowing them to smithereens. You have access to phasers, shields and all the usual gubbins and which help to make this probably the best game in the set, offering as it does a simple but enjoyable excursion into space. Next up is Invaders, a take on Space Invaders which adds nothing new to the formula but which remains as fun as ever, thanks to its addictive blend of action and high score chasing. Alien is the third game on the list and this is a bit of a departure of style, being a text adventure which sees you set down on a hostile planet with only one objective: survive. It's not a classic example of the genre, far from the likes of Countdown to Doom, but it's fun nonetheless, if a little tricky. The last game is Lunar Lander which requires you to land a tiny little craft on the surface of another unwelcoming planet. This one is distinctly difficult, requiring a steady hand and fast reflexes to get down safely but it too is addictive stuff. Individually, none of these games are amazing, but when put together they actually make a nice little package that offers a nice way of killing some time so they are certainly worthy of investigation.

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