Knight Games

Arcade 1986 Dos English Software Company Myth and legend Oriental Action based

Mediocre set of medieval games

This little known compilation of medieval sports games plays out like an old-fashioned version of Summer Games 2, Boot Camp or Track and Field and but sadly provides little in the way of entertainment or interest, except to true nostalgia buffs. There's no story here, simply eight self-contained games all based around the idea of medieval combat or other such activities, but which are all quite similar in their execution. There are two shooting games, one based on crossbows which requires players to hit a series of rotating targets, and archery which requires that moving targets be taken out. There are then six combat based games, which all have slight variations but which again don't really stand out much from one another. The two sword fighting levels differ only in the backdrops, but both require careful timing of both your sword and shield in order to prove victorious. The others are all basically variations on a theme, with the only real differences being the weapons used, with axes, pikes and quarterstaves and the ball-and-chain available, and the backdrops, with the quarterstaff battle for example taking place on a log over a river, in true Robin Hood fashion. While Knight Games is a bold attempt at a slight twist on the fighting and multi-game genres, it isn't really successful. The various games are just too similar to make them entertaining enough for any length of time, and although the two-player mode does make things more interesting, ultimately it is not enough to save what is really a mediocre game.

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