Space Strike

Arcade 1982 Dos Dosbox Michael Abrash Vertical shooter Single screen Aliens invasion

Space Invaders wannabe; fun but unoriginal

Space Strike is so much alike Space Invaders that if you didn't know better, you'd think that both the games are one and the same. Still that is not the case; this game has but one humble addition to the alien shooting, that comes in the form of shields in the back of which you can sit under and thus avoid the enemy fire. The game however is the same; you have to shoot down all the alien invaders, that come in compact waves and that slide from left to right as they descend. Their speed increases as they are left fewer, and so the game allows you to experience the game in a more thrilling fashion, the fewer they are. There is 8 bit style music playing in the background if you want it, but after less than a minute it begins to loop. The background is black, as it was in the original Space Invaders, and for the most part, the game looks pretty simple, as the original, yet again. Play it if you want a slightly different Space Invaders game, yet this one is more of a proof of concept, a remake, rather than something with a feel of its own, with a unique build of its own.

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