Space Harrier

Arcade 1986 Dos Dosbox SEGA Challenges

Arcade from Sega

Here another of those arcade classic games that made history, Space Harrier. This is an arcade shooter game with a fantasy plot that has been set in the world of space. You mission in the game as the space harrier is to move to a planet of dragons which is being threatened by some evil beings as they want to put the creatures to perils. So you will fly to them and will destroy them with the cannon which has been incorporated on your aircraft. The cannon has some striking features as it not only provides a destructive and unlimited ammo but also features some friendly colors and a smiling face. The variety of the colors in the game are very alluring though there are checkered backgrounds that does not make the world look like a space planet. The controls in the game are perfect as they allow you to move quite swiftly and create destruction all over the evil. The bosses are quite tough and well designed and the same can be said about the user interface which is top notch. The level designs in the game are distinctive and have been added lot of variety in terms of action and graphics. The game is overall great fun and is fun like F-Zero.

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