Space Miner

Arcade 1983 Dos Charles Karp Shooter Futuristic

Space shooter; you shoot for an end to mega corporations!

Space Miner is a nice top down space shooter, in which you play the role of a fighter pilot with a political agenda! Your wish, other than total obliteration to the other ships that roam the space, is that the big enterprises that have compartmentalized mining in space be gone, once and for all. Because, as we all know, corporations are evil and mischievous, they won't just change their political agenda out of a whim, instead they are more interested in silencing you or those that share your views of a universe that is free for all. And so, you shoot! The game is pretty bland graphically, as the blackness of space if never ending, and the amount if diversity in the enemy ships is not that high. But the game keeps you busy and so you won't really stop to notice the lack of detail. Instead, you will be much happier when a new upgrade becomes available and, from upgrade to upgrade and from boss to boss you will find yourself immersed in this politically fueled vendetta in space. A similar game is Sidearms whom you might also want to download if you want to shoot in space and not care too much why!

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