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Well designed classic Monopoly

If you were looking for a fun Monopoly in digital format, this oldie game from Hasbro can do the job quite well. It's a really well produce, though not too feature rich game. You've got your board, you've got your AI to compete against, and if you want, you can hotseat swap to play the game with your friends. You can play it to learn the rules of the game, or you can play to better your tactics, so that when you are faced with the real world tabletop counterpart you'll be much better prepared to sink into it. At any rate, Monopoly is a pretty faithful representation of the real world counterpart. Graphically it's rather sparse, but mechanically it works. So, if you're not too pretentious with the way the game looks, you'll be alright. Plus, it's got simple mouse controls integration, so it can be the game you play with one hand, while you hotswap between yoru productive task and your gaming breaks! Alternatively, if you want a more enticing, yet still very condensed tabletop in digital format, try Settlers of Catan, yet another faithful tabletop in digital form.

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