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Monopoly for home computers, ported to DOS

Monopoly (Don Gibson, 1985) was first developed for the Tandy home computer, and was coded in Turbo Pascal! So you can imagine that it looks mostly like a DOS application than some colorful game. But, as you'll see, it works great, and is as fun as you'd think such a game to be. The game plays in different one screen interfaces, and looks pretty much oblique! But it's playable. And you have to remember that this was more of an experiment, for the developer to learn to code in Boreland Pascal. So, even the fact that it works at all, and can be played should be enough to call this a success! But, fact is, it's actually fun enough, for a freeware game. So, with that in mind, Monopoly (Don Gibson, 1985)is a game that those real pedal to the metal gamers will love. Not for the graphics or the presentation but for the fun of wielding an unwieldy (sic!) set of interfaces and getting it to work. Otherwise you'd be much better off with a game such as Monopoly (Hasbro, 1993), which is much better graphically, and, after all, a (proper) commercial release!

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