Space Pizza

Arcade 1993 Dos Ideas From the Deep Space combat

The invasion of the rogue space pizzas is upon us!

In Space Pizza you are going to put a mighty fight, and stop the Pizza-ean (!) empire from destroying humanity. As expected, the pizzas of the space (probably helped by the mighty empire of the Pastafarian god!) has found that the pizzas being eaten by humans is no longer acceptable! So, here's the deal: you will have to put your hand on the pizza gun and start taking them down if you care for your pizza eating habits and if you really care for your pizza eating habit! At any rate, it's a space shooter, a pretty alright one, not too diverse. You get a few upgrades here and there, but for the most part your initial pizza pea shooter is the one that you will be shooting with for the most part! But, it works and, for the most part, you are going to enjoy having the pizzas of space squashed! So, overall, it's a cartoon, fun timewaster, such as is Ack-Ack Attack, similarly stupid (but in a good way!) So have it in your collection of timewasters, it's got all the ingredients! (Needs more cheese, though, hehe!)

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