Space Quest Chapter 0: Replicated

Adventure 2003 Windows Science Fiction Humorous Graphical IF

Could have gotten a little more polish...

I don't mind a lot of fan remakes, but one thing that sort of kills it for me is half assed quality control. I mean, yeah, I get it, some of the team members will consider the game from a visual perspective, some will like to consider the way the interactivity is enhanced, but please, make sure you get your text corrected, you know, make sure the story you tell gets at least the same amount of attention that the original had. Otherwise you'll just ruin it. So, in Space Quest Chapter 0: Replicated we get a storyline that is surely fun, set before the games in the Space Quest originals were set into, and we get that very same combination of great gameplay and a story imbued with lots of disparate elements, which make sense when out together. Like a space opera, to clarify. The graphics are sharper than the original as you'd expect, but care was taken to keep the original color schemes, so this one has as much pinks and magentas as you'll ever wish for, emblematic for the dystrophic systems these originals were supposed to work on! Only for fans that can turn a blind eye on a story that doesn't mind the occasional (from spelling to continuity and plot holes) problem.

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