The Space Bar

Adventure 1997 Windows Bomico Entertainment Software Science Fiction Humorous

High on action and adventure with fun

It is a space action game which involves role playing and a lot of fun as well. The plot is that some intergalactic PI has been kidnapped and an evil is making some efforts to hunt a special storage unit. Now your task in the game is to finish the evil and to track down the abducted. The shifter is basically an alien in disguise. Now both the faith of the galaxy and your partner who is the PI rests on your shoulder. You will need to find your partner's enemy in space bar and you have certain distinct abilities which you can use here. You have the ability to inhabit patrons of space bar. The game play has been segmented into 6 different games where you will counter different aliens to ultimately reach the shifter and to find your partner. The fun thing in the game is that the view of the gameplay will be from the point of view of that shifter e.g. as some insect, as a potato or having three sexes. The graphics in the game are very good and so is the well incorporated A1. The game also has a fine interface. The fun elements and the good action and adventure make it a good one to add to your collection. Blade Runner would also make a fine addition to you collection because that game is also high on action and adventure.

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