Speed Demons

Racing 1999 Windows Microids Unconventional Go Kart

Looks good, plays badly

Only two words are sufficient to describe this racing game entirely - nice try. Why is that? Well, while the game looks pretty cool and will intrigue everyone that gets hold of it, they will soon be disappointed with the game's gameplay, controls and sense of reality that is virtually non-existent. This wouldn't be a problem if the game behaved like an arcade racer - do whatever you want and your car won't even get a scratch. This game desperately tries to show some realism but doesn't follow through with it entirely. For instance, if you hit something you will receive damage and some car parts will fall off, but the game will still behave as if nothing really happened. How fun is to drive a car that apparently hasn't got a wheel but is still driving as it still has it? That would be just a start. The controls are confusing and entirely non-intuitive - it'll take you a while just to figure out what does what. That said, it must be also noted that the graphics truly are above average for its time and that the game truly is a fine eye-candy. If only the rest of the game was as good. If you're really keen on trying the game despite its faults, be my guest. I still wouldn't recommend it.

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