Spellforce Platinum

RPG 2005 Windows Nordic Games Fantasy Strategic scope Role playing Action Rpg strategy Strategy

Mix of role playing and strategy, well executed

Spellforce is the second game of its kind that I've ever tried, at least in this very particular form, which is 3D graphics engine, a good chunk of RPG and an even bigger chunk of strategy, real time strategy, and rather light. The other attributes of this one include a fantasy setting in the vein of Warcraft and also, a propensity for cutscenes and a lot of dialogue. But don't worry, after a while the game picks it up, becomes a lot more engaging, and, by that time, your hero will have already learned a lot and will be much more capable of inflicting destruction upon the field. Not a perfect game, not even this Platinum editions doesn't clean the game of all its bugs, but it adds more content in there. So, it makes it so that you could say that Spellforce Platinum is the Spellforce to try out. Or, else, you might enjoy a bt of Warlords: Battlecry, if you love role playing and real time strategy combined, but don't want to go 3D. Otherwise, both of them can make for meaty games, top down RPG/strategy mixes that are not too original but fun nonetheless.

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